How Can I Create a Better Online Marketing Plan for 2017?

Now that Christmas is almost here, New Years is just around the corner…Have you taken the time to create a Better Online Marketing Plan for 2017? We small businesses are time challenged to really spend the time to plan out our year ahead.  But consider the benefits of spending that time to create a well thought out marketing strategy that you can easily follow in the coming months which … [Read more...]

Google Places and What It Can Do For You

I recently had a new client come onboard.  He had already been in business for about 5 years and had a "unit" or small warehouse where he kept his stock.  Most of his business had come through "word of mouth" but there were peaks and valleys.  He realized he wanted to grow his market from just the Toronto area where his present clients are to establish a presence in the Barrie area, where he is … [Read more...]