What are the Most Popular Kinds of Marketing in 2017?

A very large part of every business is their Marketing Plan.  There are so many kinds of Marketing that it gets very confusing about what they actually mean and which are most relevant and logical choices for each business. Below are some of the most popular Marketing terms today and their definitions courtesy of Wikipedia. Account Based Marketing Account-based marketing (ABM), also … [Read more...]


In 2016, Content has been a major force in companies reaching out to share information and strengthen their presence online.  However, most don’t actually spend time repurposing their content. Often, especially Small Businesses, rarely have the time and skills to produce content on their websites.  When they actually do make the effort, they don’t know where to start.  In a … [Read more...]

How Do I Become Successful on Social Media for Business?

Both new and existing Social Media users pose this question to me….”How do I become successful on Social Media for Business?” Those new to Social Media know they need to be there, but are not certain about what they should be doing.  Those who already have Social Media accounts, may have been there for some time but are not seeing the kind of results they were hoping for. And there are … [Read more...]

How Do I Find New Clients?

What problems do you have finding new clients? I was recently approached by a prospective client who was transitioning from owning and operating one company and moving to an entirely new business model, i.e. from a health and wellness coach to a marketing consultancy. They were formulating their business plan, the specialized services they were going to offer, their target market, their … [Read more...]

Who is Your Target Market?

I am sure you have heard about your "Target Market" before  but  many business owners decide what kind of business they are going to operate, whether it be products or services, and after they have hopefully done their Market Research,  the numbers have justified their belief that their product or service is needed and will help solve their client's problem. But a lot of business owners actually … [Read more...]