Alarming Ways to do your Online Marketing

Recently I have encountered 2 ways of “new” online marketing that I will never recommend to clients.   BIG MARKETING FAIL #1:  The Deceptive Opt-in Often you will see opt-ins on Social Media posts offering something free if you sign up.  I sometimes sign up for the free PDF eBook or Report.  But I am going to be watching even more carefully on what they ask for in … [Read more...]

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

Have you checked to see how your website displays on smartphones - is it mobile friendly?You may wonder why you would want to know how your website looks. Recent statistics show that more cell phone users have moved to smartphones in the last year.  In fact, here are just some of the stats: Recent sales stats (US and Canada): §  Nielsen report that 46% of US mobile phone owners have a … [Read more...]