Google + – Will It Surpass Facebook?

Google + was launched less than 2 months ago and and took only 16 days to reach 10 million users.  Facebook took 852 days and Twitter took 780 days to reach that figure.  Why should you add Google + to your social media presence? I think many people who are just entering Social Media or have been there for a few years now and have built up a community are reluctant to jump into yet another … [Read more...]

Getting to the First Page of Google

I hit a milestone this week.  I discovered my company name listed 2 times on the first page of Google for my keywords. After I did the "happy dance", I acknowledged  my success in diligently having implemented all that I had learned in the training courses I have taken in the last few years - Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building,  Social Media Marketing, Content … [Read more...]

Link Building and List Building Explained

Two integral services Internet and Inbound Marketers offer are Link Building and List Building and to some people, it is confusing as to which each means. List Building (or Opt-in Email): The strategy in building a "list" of subscribers is to offer something free that will encourage readers to offer their names and email addresses.  Wikipedia calls it "Opt-in Email".   Upon gathering the names … [Read more...]

Will your Website pass a Website Audit?

When clients approach me to help them enter the Social Media realm, my first step is to check out their website. Why? Because with every social media account I set up for them, part of their contact information includes a link to their website.  In fact, your website is like your on-line business card “enhanced”.  Your website is selling your products or services and is one of your most … [Read more...]