How Can I Create a Better Online Marketing Plan for 2017?

Now that Christmas is almost here, New Years is just around the corner…Have you taken the time to create a Better Online Marketing Plan for 2017? We small businesses are time challenged to really spend the time to plan out our year ahead.  But consider the benefits of spending that time to create a well thought out marketing strategy that you can easily follow in the coming months which … [Read more...]

Do Hashtags Work in Social Media?

There have been many debates, pro and con, about using Hashtags in Social Media posts and whether they really work. Those new to Social Media may not understand what a hashtag is.  These are single or groups of words strung together or even anachronims preceded by the symbol “#”.  They’ve been used for years by marketers but more importantly, they have been used by those … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Impact on Your Social Media Posts with Visual Content Marketing

  Social Media is always evolving by using new tactics to increase the effectiveness of posts. By far, the biggest favourite in 2015 has been adding relevant images to posts. Visual Content Marketing makes posts much more effective.  Want the proof? Courtesy of Hubspot: People may read “text only” posts but “text with … [Read more...]

6 Reasons to Have a Social Media Strategy for Success

Although there was a huge influx of businesses recognizing Social Media was no longer an option to include in their marketing efforts in 2011, as many or more businesses will include Social Media as part of their marketing plan for 2012. After attending many webinars and participating in Forums in January and February of this year, I noticed many new and existing business owners are at the … [Read more...]

How Foursquare Enhances Local Searches

Foursquare entered the Social Media world in 2009 and although it seemed to have a slow start it has now become mainstream for users of smartphones and boosting local traffic in businesses. As of June 2011, the company reported it had 10 million registered users and expected to pass 750 million check-ins before the end of June 2011, with an average of about 3 million check-ins per day. 50 … [Read more...]