Why Is Reputation Management so Important?

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reputation-managementDo you know what people are saying about your business online?  If you don’t have a consistent plan to monitor your Reputation Management, you could be losing opportunities AND you could also be missing customer service issues that could make or break your reputation and your business growth.

Several years ago, I wrote a post about Reputation Management that is as relevant today as it was then – What is Reputation Management? – yet it is frightening how many businesses don’t think to have a consistent plan to be aware of what their customers say about them.  In fact, they don’t even seem to care.

I had a recent experience with a large retailer in a very competitive space.  I am subscribed to their email list and received a pre “Black Friday” deal being offered on just one day.  This item was just what I was looking for at a good price.  So I clicked the link in the email and bought from them online with my credit card.  I received an email confirmation of the purchase but then hours later, I received another email saying there had been a problem in processing the credit card payment.  Since the “problem” was not described and there was no further information about the order going through I called their toll free number.  The customer service rep was unable to correct the problem, advised me they were experiencing issues with their shopping cart system in processing credit card orders and had no idea if the order would be processed.  So I contacted the company on Social Media through their Facebook page and their Twitter account.  I received a response from each account many hours later asking for details of the issue which I immediately provided and they assured me the problem would be rectified immediately.  But 2 days later, I still had received no confirmation of the order.  The persons monitoring their social media accounts obviously “dropped the ball”.  They did not follow-up to rectify the issue and left me, as a customer, feeling ignored.  Hopefully, my local retail location of that major company will be able to honour the discount, process my payment and I will get the item.  But if I don’t, I will be posting my dissatisfaction in Social Media.

I AM NOT ALONE.  Often I read bad reviews in Social Media from friends and colleagues.  They have valid complaints and I pay attention to good and bad reviews.  Would I consider buying from businesses that have bad reviews?  Very likely I would not!  And do others “share” bad reviews with their friends?  The answer is YES.

Businesses that regularly monitor Social Media and Review sites for mention of their name and brand and have a plan of action to rectify the issues, can minimize the damage of those reviews.  Those businesses that are unaware and could care less, will lose sales.

Reputation Management should be an integral part of every Social Media Management Plan.

Another example is a local computer repair business who discovered that someone had left many bad reviews on their various Social Media accounts in the form of bad testimonials and on Google and other search engines with bad “ratings”.  It was severely impacting his business and although he tried to answer those bad testimonials with offers to connect and the opportunity to rectify the problem, the complaint remained in the testimonials and ratings for all to see.  He asked me if there was a way of removing them from those accounts.  Sadly, platforms like Facebook and Google are reluctant to remove these reviews and ratings.   I suggested he reach out to his satisfied customers and ask them to take a moment to post their comments about their experiences.  There was a big response as a result of his request.  Suddenly one bad review was lost in all the good reviews and ratings.

So I ask you again… Do you know what people are saying about your business online?


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