WP Websites

What are the Advantages of a WordPress website?  

 The table below illustrates many of the advantages of making your site a  Wordpress site and we can set it all up for you in a week.

  • The cost of a simple WordPress site can cost as little as $500.
  • With it’s easy to use interface or Dashboard, you can manage (add/edit/delete) all the content on your site. 

Wordpress.org is FREE and can be downloaded onto most webhost’s sitesHas to be created using program such as Dreamweaver, Fireworks or some other software program where the web designer is well trained to create the site but is far from easy for a non web designer to learn, edit or change.
Wordpress has an abundance of FREE themes – (specially designed templates) as well as paid themes (from about $47 to $150). You can change your theme whenever you desire. In 99% of the cases, all your original content integrates automatically into the new theme. Depending on the # of pages and applications you need, the average Wordpress site costs about $800., not including your webhost cost for each year which costs about $120 or less for 12 months of hosting.The cost in a designed website costs much more because you are paying for the designer’s hourly or package rate – can range from $3000 to $5000 or MUCH MORE for a basic site, depending on how customized you want it. If you decide to change your theme or template, web designer has to do it and there is another charge for their hourly rate.
Like the iPhone, Wordpress has hundreds of “apps” that are 90% free and allow Wordpress to incorporate all kinds of extra options from security apps, to design apps, to special add-ins, shopping cart type programs, a Membership option called Wishlist and so much more.Static sites integrate with programs like 1Shopping Cart, Email Programs, etc. all of which cost a lot more and again cost as well in the designer’s time in building it into the website.
Wordpress websites come with built in Blog capabilities FREE.Independent blogsites like Wordpress.com, Blogger, Typepad allow you to sign up for a Free Blog, BUT they control your content because it is on their site. Webhosts can import the Blogsite url into your static site but the content is not yours on your domain. As well, when you click into the blog tab, it takes you to the Wordpress site and off your site. I don’t believe that Google will search your website, find your blog and index it with your site, therefore it does not get ‘ranked’.
Wordpress websites are SEO friendly and easily indexed by Google and other search engines. Usually when your Wordpress site goes live, Google finds it within 24 hours.Google does not find your static website nearly as quickly – it can take weeks or months.
Wordpress sites are very easy to edit. It comes with a Dashboard where you easily access your content and change it as easy as a Microsoft Word document. Just edit and save and you are done.Any edits or changes on a static site have to be done by your web designer in the CPanel and paid for by their hourly rate. This can be very expensive and gets done when the webhost has the time.
Wordpress easily integrates excel charts (with a free plug-in/app). It is also easy to import videos into your Wordpress site – just cut and paste the code from YouTube or another video site – and voila!, it is on your site. And you can optimize all embedded items with SEO, including images as well. All can be optimized and indexed by Google.Static sites needs images of everything which cannot be optimized and which Google will not be able to read.
Additional content tabs. Wordpress does that easily – just create a new page and enter the content and save. Done!To be created and inserted by designer on the site. Another charge for hourly work.
Wordpress allows on whatever pages you choose to add Comments to it. Creates conversations with visitors.Same
It is easy to create internal links in Wordpress. You mention on one page about some content, a blog post, an article and create a hyperlink in that text to the other page on your site. Very easy to do. Google LOVES internal links.Same


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